Why Honest Pricing

This just in, the era of Big PR is over. Gone are large monthly retainers with suspect ROI. Obsolete are ambiguous billing and fee structures. And extinct are senior executives who land your business, then pass off your account to fresh-faced rookies long on enthusiasm, but short on experience.

Mass Ave PR is the answer to your strategic communications demands. And if we’re not, then we’ll tell you so and help you find someone who can fill your needs.

Opening a business and need someone to build your website, optimize it for search engines, set up your social media and plan your launch event? Wonder what that’s going to cost you? Check out our honestly priced menu of services. That’s the cost. No haggling. No mystery.

Want an experienced public relations professional to serve your non-profit’s needs on your tight budget? All of our services are available to 501(c)3 organizations and government entities at a 20 percent discount. Again, no haggling. No mystery.

Look, running a business or non-profit organization is tough work. We know, we run a small business. You spend too many hours working too hard, and your budgets are tight. Believe us. We know. We’re small, but we’re good.

And that’s worth noting: This is honest pricing, not discount pricing. There are lots of folks out there who claim to be PR professionals and will do your work on the cheap. Hire them, get cheap work.

We calculate our pricing based on more than 15 years working in journalism and with advocacy, law and public and private sector clients. We know what it costs to get the job done, and we want to make sure you know that cost up front.

Got questions?

Drop by our office at 646 Massachusetts Avenue in Downtown Indianapolis or contact us electronically.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you help us redefine the PR industry.